Texas DPS More Likely to Stop-and-Search Latino Motorists

The Austin American-Statesman released a report of their analysis of fifteen (15) million records representing every traffic stop conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) between the beginning of 2009 and July 2015.…

Tax-Free Holiday for Textbooks or Guns

Two different bills would create a tax-free holiday weekend to entice Texas shoppers. One is aimed at consumers that purchase college textbooks and the other targets firearm customers. House Bill 206 authored by Republican State Representative…

The Chad Holley Houston Police Beatdown

Words cannot describe the graphic nature of this video. I now understand why the Harris County District Attorney asked for a gag order which prevented this video from reaching the public. Feel free to watch it and make your own judgments. Was this beating justified?

New Hope Brays Crossing

Ever wonder what that colorful building off the Gulf Freeway (I-45) next to Brays Bayou near Griggs Road? Well, it used to be the HouTex Inn but more recently it has transformed into a 149-room apartment complex. New Hope Housing, the city’s partner, bought the inn and hired Camden Builders to restore it. It is a small, single room occupancy apartment that are rented to low income individuals.

The War Room

The War Room

The following album titled My 1L Year will be a web-based photo series of my first year at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law. The purpose of the series is to allow individuals to have a glimpse and understanding of what law school students go through in their first year at law school.

The magic always happens in the War Room. The War Room is what I refer to as the area where I conduct the majority of my studying. In this image one can see the arsenal of tools that I bring to the table. Lighting is essential for anyone reading more than three hours at a time. My calendar provides a quick guide to the required readings for the week. I book brief all my cases with a multi-color hi-lighter coding system.